Quick and Easy Buying Guide

Carat weight: 1 carat = 200 milligrams = 6.5 mm diameter. Doubling weight doesn't double diameter.

Diamond clarity: FL/IF/VVS/VS = super expensive, near perfect. SI = best value if you can check a photo for obvious inclusions (defects).


Color: D-G = colorless, expensive, only if you have money to burn. H-J = best value. Can go lower in gold metal settings than white metal.

Cut: Better cut ratings let more light into a diamond, making it sparkle more. Very important property, don't skimp here.

Set a budget and minimum cut (Premium). Go J color for gold and I/H for white metals. Go searching for SI1/SI2 clarity diamonds at James Allen. Pick a diamond with small/no inclusions. Choose a ring setting and buy it risk-free (60-day returns).

Bezel Diamond Ring

A bezel diamond ring is one where the diamond is held in place by a collar of metal wrapped around most of the body of the diamond. The two obvious characteristics of this type of ring are that the diamond is more secure but also less visible.

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If the lady wearing the ring is extremely active and physical in their lifestyle, and won’t want to take the ring off, this type of ring is a good choice. The extra security is a big plus – four or six prong rings are less secure in holding in and protecting the diamond from impacts.

Of course the downside is that because there’s a metal collar around the diamond, there’s less opportunity for light to enter the diamond, and consequently, the diamond’s not going to sparkle as much as you’d like.

If for one reason or another, you’re buying a diamond which isn’t of a particularly good cut, color, the issue of less sparkle might not matter that much – in which case this ring can be a good, secure choice. If on the other hand you’ve really spashed out to get an ideal cut, brilliant colourless stone, you may want to get a pronged ring to show off the diamond more.

Some people think that the bezel ring looks “contemporary” – it’s going to come down to your personal choice of course.

One other factor that might make you choose this type of ring is what the fingers that are going to be wearing the ring look like. If the hands are not delicate, but rather large in size and/or with large knuckles and not curved and graceful – this might be the ring for you. The ‘modern’ design can help make the hand look a little more feminine.