Quick and Easy Buying Guide

Carat weight: 1 carat = 200 milligrams = 6.5 mm diameter. Doubling weight doesn't double diameter.

Diamond clarity: FL/IF/VVS/VS = super expensive, near perfect. SI = best value if you can check a photo for obvious inclusions (defects).


Color: D-G = colorless, expensive, only if you have money to burn. H-J = best value. Can go lower in gold metal settings than white metal.

Cut: Better cut ratings let more light into a diamond, making it sparkle more. Very important property, don't skimp here.

Set a budget and minimum cut (Premium). Go J color for gold and I/H for white metals. Go searching for SI1/SI2 clarity diamonds at James Allen. Pick a diamond with small/no inclusions. Choose a ring setting and buy it risk-free (60-day returns).

The Searching is Finished: 1.55 Carat F Color VS1 Clarity Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Cut Diamond

This F incolor VS1 clarity diamond is somewhat more pricey than an equivalent VS2, F color stone because it has an increased clarity quality.

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Shape: Round

Carat weight: 1.55

Cut: Hearts & Arrows Ideal

Color: F

Clarity: VS1

Price: $21240

Certificate: AGS

Depth: 61.7%

Table: 55.5%

Polish: Ideal

Symmetry: Ideal

Girdle: Thin to slightly thick

Culet: None

Fluorescence: Negligible

Measurements: 7.43*7.45*4.59

Item number: 1317123

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Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all. Mark Twain .

If you're buying blind on the Internet, then VS1 clarity is really the minimumclarity rating you can go for without running a significant risk of picking up a diamond with visible inclusions. The chance in color between any neighbouring colors in the D-E-F range can only be detected in a specialist laboratory environment, meaning this F color diamond is indistinguishable from diamonds rated only one color grade differently. The girdle of this diamond ("Thin to slightly thick") has an influence on the diamond; don't ignore it completely. If you're looking at this diamond and considering whether to improve other characteristics of the diamond which don't affect size, think about downgrading the 1.55 carat size of this diamond.

The Hearts & Arrows cut of this stone places it in the upper 1% of diamonds on the marketplace today in terms of cut rating. This cut is the top cut offered by James Allen and ensures the highest diamond sparkle. For $21240, if you've done your shopping properly you should have a nice stone; ensure that you are harsh in your judgement as you look at this diamond.